Meet Ashleigh

more than just your wedding photographer

Let’s become friends! I want to get to know the real you and what your love is all about. I thrive on documenting your story in a authentic way that reflects exactly what you two are all about. Let’s create something beautiful that will leave you reliving your BEST DAY EVER, for the rest of your life.

Meet my family


I met this handsome fella named Brian in college, after I coincidentally sat next to him in class. He was so cute, charming and really funny. Obviously the rest is history because I was hooked. For our first official date, we jumped out of a plane?? I knew in that moment, he was going to be my forever adventure buddy... so we moved in together just a few months after meeting one another. Brian served 5 years in the Navy and obtained his undergrad and soon after, masters degree. He's the most hardworking, dedicated person I have ever met. He's a very big part of why I took the chance going full time with my business.

After 5 years renting, we bought our first home together in a quaint neighborhood in Poway, California. Our little 1973 home has been such a blast to renovate and what we spent most of 2020 doing. We have spent many, many hours/days working on home projects together and really making it OUR home. Brian proposed December 2019 in La Jolla on the cliffs of Torrey Pines and we got married on October 2, 2021 in the mountains of Big Bear. We bought our second home in Meridian, Idaho where we plan to reside "almost" full time, as we both travel for work. We're so excited to immerse ourselves in our new home state and explore all Idaho has to offer.

Our favorite hobbies together include: Cuddling on the couch watching shows + movies, eating bomb Mexican and Italian food (I would argue these are our top choices), trying out new breweries, dirt biking, scuba diving, camping, road trips and new adventures. As long as we're together, we're happy.


Remi, our first pup we got together in 2016 at 7 weeks old. He turned 6 years old on Christmas Day (don't let his gray face fool you). Often mistaken for German Shepherds, both our pups are Belgian Malinois. A remarkably intelligent, loyal, active breed. You won't find me home without these two attached to my hip.

They love to hike, swim and camp with us. It's really awesome having dogs that can keep up with our life style. They are the sweetest, most loving duo, with completely opposite personalities but total besties. Remi is the needy, loving, social, people loving, forever puppy.

Remi's favorite things: Squeaky Kong balls (very specific, tennis balls don't cut it), suckling on all his stuffed toys, cuddling, hiking, treats, sunbathing and his BFF, Bella.


Ryder, most often referred to as "Ry Girl." Was adopted around 3 months + she'll be 4 years old on Cinco De Mayo (yep, they're both holiday puppies). Ryder's really unique and shy to strangers, but once she warms up to new people, she's always everyone's favorite (shhh, don't tell Remi). She's a sweet, down to earth, shy girl, who appreciates quiet moments and simply observing.

Ryders favorite things: Sitting by the front door looking outside, chasing bunnies or squirrels, cleaning/kissing Remi, hiking, treats, stealing toys from Remi that she doesn't actually want and independently napping all day so she can be up all night.