Style Guide

Okay, so we booked the session! But now… what the heck do you wear? A fairly common question I get from my clients is what do they wear to their session! Well, let me be the first one to tell you, I am not going to tell you what to wear. Sorry if that’s not what you’re hoping for, but how many times have I mentioned, I shoot real, organic and raw. Meaning, styling you to be Instagram models is obviously really trendy, but if that’s not you… why would I shoot you being something you’re not? However, I’d love to give you a few pointers from what I’ve experienced!

Complimenting Colors //
Compliment each other! No longer are white shirts and jeans on the beach in style, sorry mom. Coordinate colors that compliment each other, not matching outfits (unless that’s what you’re going for). Pinterest “color charts” with colors you’re interested in wearing. Personally, I lean toward earthy tones in my wardrobe. Seeing me in bright pink will be the day…

Colors + Patterns //
Okay black is always flattering and a personal fav. BUT sometimes a little pop in color never hurt anyone. Add some flare, but not too much flare. Personally, I would stay away from standard colors like firetruck red or bright pink. Slightly off the color chart and neutrals typically will be more flattering in photos and with the environment. Right now, I am loving forest greens, tans, burnt orange, deep yellow, and dark red, etc. Branch away from standard colors and look at slightly unique colors. Patterns… patterns are totally in and will definitely add uniqueness to your photos, but stay away from clothing brands and any type of wording or logos.

Trends //
Ever changing trends. Just consider if you’ll still like that outfit in 10 years on your wall. Just sayin.

Conservative or sexy //
Sometimes being too showy can be a bit distracting… also limiting that movement in photos. I’m all about classy sexy! Be comfortable in what you wear but also confident! Just consider what the photos are for! If we’re going for sexy and out there- perfect, wear it, I love that. But if these photos are going to be seen by Grandparents and family… just be a little cautious of what’s appropriate for the type of session we’re doing. Flatter the right features… ya feel?

Flowy //
Ladies, let’s be real, flowy dresses add so much to photos over tight and simple. Long flowing summer dresses make any session beautiful and add that extra ummmph. Lulu’s is a personal go-to for session outfits! However, remember to wear what goes with the type of session, location and style. If tight fitted goes well with your look- doooo it.

Shoes //
Heels, pumps, totally fine! Just bring a nice pair of sandals or tennis shoes incase were hiking to different locations! Also, heels at the beach… look good but likely you’re going to take them off.

Two outfits //
I always tell my couples to bring two outfits. For the obvious reason of having more than one look, but also worst case scenario… You spill something, zipper breaks… holes. Typically I would consider a casual outfit and the other a little more dressy! Dress for the location and season!

Be yourselves //
Just remember, wear what you normally wear! Don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable or not feel yourself! I did a session a few years ago with my boyfriend for a few Photographers and they dressed me… and to be completely honest with you neither his outfit nor mine were anything like our real styles and I NEVER used the photos! Because they’re just not us! Also, if you wear glasses daily, please wear them! The only time I would ever tell my client not to is if they are tinted in the sun! Switch over to contacts only if that’s normal for you!


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